What Rich Men Do When Dating?

What Rich Men Do When Dating?

Good dating experience is not determined by how much money you can spend on the occasion. When average Joe and plain Jane are on a date, they focus on what actually matter: getting to know each other and spending time in an enjoyable environment filled with romantic atmosphere. There are many places to do these, and ordinary people tend to be reasonable in terms of expense.  In the case of rich men dating, most will also want the same thing. The only big difference is that they can spend more.

For example, instead of enjoying dinner in a local small restaurant, they will take you to a fancy one of a kind palace-like restaurant  for a treat.


Rather than taking you to a baseball game, they take on a flight to Abu Dhabi to watch Grand Prix Formula 1 on a VIP room.


Apart from the obvious, rich men can be very difficult partner; not always because they are too proud to act like regular guys, but sometimes it is just a different lifestyle. Here are some examples:

  • They talk about unusual things: millionaires, particularly self-made millionaires, built their fortunes from scratch. It also means they are smart, business-minded people who have learned about many things in life including academic stuffs. For the vast majority of population, dating is filled with conversation about ordinary things such friends, past experiences, dream jobs, etc. Millionaires live in nearly perfect circumstances, so there is no dream job or cross-country road trip. Be prepared to have intellectual conversations.

Fashion shot of a young beauty couple

  • Rich men like details: they are rich because they pay attention to every little detail about what they do, and this stretches to fashion. Praise or notice little things about their outfits, and it is always best to leave the knock-off purse and shoes at home.


  • They know arts: when you have more than you can spend, you collect things most people don’t understand called arts. Read about famous painters and writers whose works are worth tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars.
Monet’s La Gare Saint-Lazare

There is a notion that people of the upper class tend to do the same expensive things and spend ridiculous amount of money to buy stuffs they don’t need.  For the less unfortunate, it is easy to draw a conclusion that rich people are all alike; they can afford luxurious dreamy dating experiences that most of us can only dream of.

It is not fair to judge people based on how much money they have. Some are indeed too proud to care enough about their partner, while others can be generous and humble at the same time.