Our Happily Ever After...
"I never thought a dating site would help me find the man that takes my breath away, let alone give me faith back in "happily ever after." I met Dustin in early April of 07. He lives in Texas and I am in Arizona. We talked over the phone and emailed for two months before we met in person. When we finally met, I just KNEW he was the one! We had such a great time together and like much of the same things, yet our differences just made each other interesting. By August we decided to date just each other. I can't even express the happiness that we have brought to each others lives! Although he and I are far from "millionaires", we both are very blessed with each other and our children. Needless to say, on Dec 29th of 07, he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! He's who I have been looking for all my life. Thank you so much for providing the website that help me find my soulmate." More>>

A beautiful life called AJ & Italia
"After long months of searching for the one partner in my life who i could spend the rest of my life with, I came across a mountain of e-mails from members who I had no real interest in. Just as I was about to give up, a handsome man e-mailed me not just dropping a line in the obvious hope to get a response but preaching to me on a two hour long e-mail, telling me all about him but most importantly letting me feel that out of thousands of woman out there, he was certain I was the one for him. I must confess It wasn't easy as he lived in LA and I in TX, after an on off relationship where my poor husband had to fly across the countr just to have a date with me, we sadly decided to brake up. But It only took this magnetic love that we share to pulls us back together, he offered me to stay with him in his new place in NY for a week as he was to relocate for business purposes but he proposed to me and three weeks later we where getting married at the Palace hotel in NYC, to describe it, It was just beyond the most beautiful dream i have ever imagined." More>>

Thank You for your great site!
"I have been dating Rod. I am so grateful to you guys for helping me find this amazing man. We are getting married Sept 8 2012, and I am so excited! Honestly, I wasn't looking for marriage, and still can't believe its happening to me. This site offers all the right tools, and variety to single women like myself. I thank you so much again!! He was on your site for years. We both thought it would be a good idea to let you know how happy we are:))
Advice to other members:
If you are serious about finding your true companion, and you take this site serious, then you will find it! You cannot use this site for playing around. Don't use anyone, and don't allow anyone to use you, otherwise how will anyone know that you are serious. Be truthful about everything! Including how many kids you have, your height, and your income, bc to a feminine woman its important. Its called security." More>>